So that our Argentine Meat on the Parrilla, can reach everyone and everywhere, we have created a trailer to make this possible.
It is an original and innovative concept, practical and economical.
What defines us is our tasty Meat and I include Staff at LA PAPARRUCHA's grill and a turnkey service.
The trailer runs on charcoal like the Parrilla in our restaurant to have a memorable flavor and enrich the best Argentine meat.
The trailer La Paparrucha AT HOME can have several uses, such as
- Birthday parties
- Meeting of Friends / Family
- Product/company promotion
- Company parties
- Sports events
- Catering companies
- Wedding receptions

* Depending on the venue, there may be an additional charge for travel.


All menus will have input from:
Black pudding | Sausage | Chourizo Criolo (sausage)
Mendoza Menu
14 € per person
300gr of meat
Chicken | Pork 
Bacon | Rump 
Rosary Menu
20 € per person
300gr of meat
Bacon | Rump
Sirloin | Pork
Cordoba menu
30 € per person
300gr of meat
Rib Eye (Entrecôte)
Sirloin | Rump
Menu Buenos Aires
42 € per person
300gr of meat
Loin | Rib Eye
5 € per person
Bread | Rice | French Fries | Salad | Disposable
4 € per person
Desserts: Mousse | Apple pie
Chocolate Cake
5 € per person
Beer Barrel “Heineken”
8 liters
48 €
White or red
1 liter
8 €
The conditions on menu reservations and their proposals below
These details apply to groups of 15 people or more.
All rates shown include VAT at legal rates.
The final budget is conditioned:
Chosen Menu, Number of people, Address, Waiter service choice or not
Crockery (normal or disposable)
Extras: Starters, Garnishes, Desserts and Drinks.